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I was looking for fonts recently and fell in love with many, so I figured I’d compile all my favorites. Some of them require a tweet or Facebook post to download. All credit goes to their respective makers. 



Try out these Halloween themed color palettes before October ends!

Nightscape: #0d0d0e #17151d #292c59 #29589f #2796ff
Sour Apple Candy:#bac683 #98c246 #439e11 #204e00 #1b2600
Ruby Witch: #450019 #78021f #7e2c2e #965336 #cdad75
Starry Eyed: #080320 #180433 #48096f #d5b774 #f7ff71
Raven's Way: #0b0908 #110d0c #1c1112 #500813 #830013
Pumpkin Fever: #c3e76a #b7ea31 #f4b227 #ff5003 #6f0083
Halloween: #ffe558 #ffae2f #ff5a00 #832e01 #080202


TOPH: Well if you like the moon spirit so much, why don’t you marry her?
SOKKA: *Gross sobbing*


Combined Gifs

hey there! I've seen your drawings and do you have any tips on perspective? because when I try to draw some perspective the result is horrendous haha... :)



hay cozin! Your question is pretty vague, so I’m gonna assume you’re talking about drawing a figure in perspective.

There are many many excellent tutorials on the internet about the basics of perspective, and it can get very technical very fast. So when it comes to applying those principles to your drawing, keep these things in mind:

1. Decide what sort of “shot” you want for your art piece. There’s only 3 options!


The level shot also doubles as an extreme upshot or downshot. (Looking straight up or straight down at something.)

Make it easy on yourself and keep the vanishing point inside the canvas - it creates a deeper space, and makes it easier to stack multiple objects in frame. (The vanishing point falls slightly above the horizon, because of Earth’s curvature. But for simple figure drawing it doesn’t even matter. You can place it on the horizon line.)

If you need them, you can add additional guides.

So now you have your setup, and with the help of any basic tutorial you can place a cube shape into the scene.

Easy peasy. BUT. For the purposes of drawing a figure, it’s more helpful to use a cylinder - cause most of the human body can be simplified into cylinder shapes. And here is where your best friend comes in:

2. Use wrapping lines to define the volume of a shape: 

In a downshot most of the wrapping lines will bow downward, in an upshot they’ll arch upward. In a level shot, they’ll arch up above the horizon line, and down below the horizon line. Totes easy.

And so then you place the figure into your scene, and stack the shapes of the body according to perspective. Use as many wrapping lines (also known as contour lines) as you need to help you really see the form in 3D.

Hope this helps. :)

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Promised collab! This one was made with Doppel Mod (here you can find this wonderful tumblr )

Doing this was fun! I hope we will draw something together in the future!

All credit for backgrounds goes to Doppel, characters were split job. Sketching was best part! :)



THANKS so much ;;

well… I am not sure if they have updated much but here you go. I added my wacom pen properties too so that you get the idea of my true tablet settings.
These are the brushes I mostly use! Pencil, brush, blur, marker, Maalaus ( meaning painting ) and weird watercolor cloudy brush.

Also for the last two brushes and textures used in them, I got from THIS tutorial. So thanks to Bluekomadori for those.

Inktober day 20 Lyra Heartstrings
Whimsical anthropologist hoers hung from her tail and contemplates stuff

Inktober day 20 Lyra Heartstrings
Whimsical anthropologist hoers hung from her tail and contemplates stuff

「千と千尋の神隠し ::  Spirited Away」


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Sorry I took so long to make this I srsly had to rush this over the past week but it’s worth it cos i love you all so much! Who knew I’d come this far in 3 months. hehe i kinda missed the 4000 and 5000 milestones. You guys are just too fast. This is crazy. So here is a group of some of my friends, followers and inspirations. Thank you all!

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